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New volumes published in 2016:
dingbat Kent at Law, 1602, VI, Courts of Equity: Wards and Liveries
dingbat Schooling in England, 1660 to 1850, Part I – Introduction: ‘A Noiseless Revolution’.
dingbat Schooling in England, 1660 to 1850, Part II – The Gazetteer of English Schools.
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The Diary of Thomas Fenwick, 1774 to 1794  
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dingbat The second editions of 34 and 35 Elizabeth I in the Patent Rolls series
dingbat Further volumes of Kent at Law, 1602

Download the corrected worksheet in comma-separated variable format for British Farm Surveys Table 3, which erroneously contained the data for Table 2. You can import this into your spreadsheet application. Table 3 in the PDF showed the correct data.

Download the revised indices for Kent at Law III.