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The Calendar of Patent Rolls, Elizabeth I, completed!

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The List and Index Society is delighted to announce the completion of the Calendar of Patent Rolls Elizabeth I. This is one of the biggest editing and publishing projects of the past generation and its completion will be welcomed by a wide range of historians, whether political, economic, social or regional and local in their interests. Much of the material it makes accessible was previously unknown: it illuminates people, places and government policy, often in the most surprising ways.

The Patent Rolls (National Archives, C 66) are the central registry of government acts. Letters Patent were the most secure form of grant that government could offer. It was usual for them to be enrolled verbatim on rolls maintained by Chancery. Patents were in Latin, however, and the indices maintained at the time were rudimentary, essentially being lists of the grantees to whom grants were made. In a variety of ways the rolls were inaccessible to the researchers who wished to draw on what they contained. For this reason the need for a Calendar of the Patent Rolls has long been acknowledged. The Public Record Office series of calendars took from 1939 to 1986 to publish the first 24 years of Elizabeth’s reign and was then abandoned. We have been a little quicker. In 1999 Professor Richard Hoyle took advantage of the new funding being made available through the predecessors of the Arts and Humanities Research Council to make an application to finish the calendar through to the end of the reign. In the event a second grant was needed and the project was finally finished with the aid of funding from the Marc Fitch Trust. The series ends with the re-edited volumes for 34 and 35 Elizabeth. It also includes those Patent Rolls for the reign which were separated out into a separate series of ‘Dispensation Rolls’ (C 67). The volumes have exhaustive indexes of people, places and subjects.

The archive is enormous, especially for those years when the crown was selling land to finance war. And as a result the published calendar through to the end of the reign is enormous too. To give some figures: we have published 31 volumes, containing 7723 pages and 26845 entries. You can see them in the image at the top of this page: they take up about 18 shelf inches. Below you can see two of the original Patent Rolls.

Two patent rolls, seen end on, on a desk in the National Archives search room    Two Patent Rolls in their natural environment. The one on the left includes 69 entries and fills 11 pages of printed text: that on the right 85 entries and ten pages.

Download the list of volumes here: List of CPR volumes

This is a set of volumes which all major libraries should hold, especially any which hold the earlier HMSO volumes in the series. They should also form a part of the working libraries of all record offices. A number of complete sets are available for purchase at a celebratory discount price of £475 including UK delivery until 30 April, after which any remaining sets will be available at £550 plus delivery.

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[For delivery charges outside the UK, please email us)]

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