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To find a publication you can sort and filter this list. Clicking on the title will give you more details about the publication and, for more recent titles, a Buy Now button.

About the column headers

Item: corresponds to the volume identifier that is printed on the spine of the volume. Multi-volume titles have a range of identifiers; on the web site, Special Series volumes are preceded by an S.
Type: indicates whether the book is available, out of print or superseded; if available, indicates whether it is in the Standard Series or Special Series.
Author: includes the names of all authors/editors of the publication, if known (to the web site designer!)
Title: the full title of the publication
Date: the date of publication
Vols: the number of physical volumes (this determines the cost of delivery)
M-price: the price to members of the List and Index Society
N-price: the price to non-members

About sorting and filtering

To sort by the contents of a column click on the diamond next to the column header. Click again to sort in the opposite direction.

Filtering is very simple: you can only filter by one box at a time, and it is not case-sensitive. To reset, click the Show all titles button below the boxes.
To find a specific volume identifier, type it in the Item id box.
To find all volumes that are available for purchase, type 'series' in the Type box. This will exclude all 'Out of print' and "Superseded' books. Typing 'special' or 'standard' will narrow down the list to titles in that series only.

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