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Proposals for new publications

We are always pleased to receive proposals for future volumes. We publish a wide range of materials in British (including Scottish) and Irish history, and in imperial and commonwealth history. We do not publish materials of purely local or genealogical interest.

The best guide to what we are interested in publishing is our list of recent publications, but equally we would like to hear of projects that develop our range.

We do not normally – despite our name – accept proposals for lists of documents (because these are now better made available online) but we do accept proposals for calendars of documents. Calendars contain additional material that is inappropriate for inclusion in an online catalogue, but which offers a more detailed guide to the content of the documents, or even makes it unnecessary to access the originals. We publish versions of online catalogues if the added value and convenience merit it.

Most of our recent publications are editions or collations of primary materials, including gazetteers. Many have been produced in connection with research projects, where, for instance, the transcription of a source has been necessary. Researchers making proposals to funding councils or charitable bodies may wish to include publication of source materials by the Society as one of the outcomes of their project.

Please send your initial proposal to the List and Index Society and we will be pleased to offer an informal opinion as to its suitability before you prepare a full proposal. Once you have had a proposal accepted, you can send us your 'manuscript' either as a Word file or as a PDF. We like to offer advice on layout and presentation before you have proceeded too far, and can offer an editorial service if necessary. We do not pay royalties to contributors.