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Standard Series
Look inside British Farm Surveys volume British Farm Surveys, 1941 to 1943: Reports and statistical analysis
Edited by: Oliver Finnegan, Catherine Glover and Richard W. Hoyle
In 1941 the government launched a comprehensive survey of individual farms in England and Wales, which has come to be known as the National Farm Survey. A similar survey was done in Scotland, though it was based on a sample. The detailed county reports for England and Wales have remained largely unnoticed, and certainly unexploited, in the National Archives. They are made available here in an 854-page transcript and also in XLS and CSV files on a CD-ROM. The accompanying book includes an introduction to the survey, a facsimile of the published Summary Report, a sample county report, and the summary report of the Agricultural Survey in Scotland.

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Cover of Calendar of Patent Rolls volume Calendar of Patent Rolls, 45 Elizabeth I (1602-1603), C 66/1596-1606, with an appendix of Dispensation Rolls (1594-1598, 1601-1603), C58/1-6
Edited by: Carrie Smith, Simon R. Neal and Christine Leighton
The patent rolls were the government's central registry where grants of land or other gifts, the appointments of officials, pardons, leases and such matters as patents establishing boroughs, markets or schools may be found. These volumes need to be secured by all libraries holding the printed Calendar of Patent Rolls. Access to these calendars is facilitated by the provision of indexes to persons, places and subjects. This volume differs from the others in that it also contains the Dispensation Rolls for six years: all the previously unpublished dispensation rolls dating from before 1 James. The last patent roll for the reign, C 58/1606, contains patents from the late 1570s onwards that were apparently unenrolled when the series for the reign was finalised. The indices are included in the single volume.

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